1. glasspunk said: Your work is amazing - Portland looks like a beautiful place, and I'd love to visit someday :)

    Thank you! You should definitely visit sometime. Lots to do here! I would visit during the summer or early fall though.


  2. eaoaia said: nice photography, i like your HDR stuff!

    Thanks! HDR is a lot of fun.


  3. Anonymous said: Where and what are some of the most eccentric places you've taken photos of in/around Portland?

    Collins Beach was pretty eccentric considering it is a nude beach. Also on the Fremont bridge with no auto traffic was pretty unusual. I have had to work my way around fences here and there to get at places where people aren’t normally allowed. But I do have a couple of surprise places I will be shooting soon that would also make this list.


  4. sandyander said: Thank you for following me! I absolutely love your photos!

    My pleasure and thank you too!


  5. of-the-mountains said: Hello!! First of all, I love all your photos, amazing documentation of Portland/the surrounding area. I was wondering if you could maybe send me the GPS coordinates or best way to get to Lost Boy Beach...I always stay in Oceanside and would love to explore the area further :)

    Thank you so much! Here are the GPS coordinates for the entrance to Lost Boy Beach. There is just a tiny sign saying something about a trail and the trail head is easy to miss.



  6. kindlecrowandbowtie said: Your pictures are amazing. I love seeing Portland through your lense.

    Thank you!

  7. The UFO of Collins Beach - Along the treeline of Collins Beach on Sauvie Island just outside of Portland, Oregon, sits a mysterious and legendary vessel that hasn’t seen action in many years. ┬áHere it lies tethered by cable to a nearby tree becoming fodder for local graffiti artists.


  8. Anonymous said: My uncle is a photographer in Portland, too! That's super cool! He's more Beaverton area, though.

    We talked and decided to split the state evenly between us. ;)


  9. Anonymous said: Have a great day :)

    You too, anon!


  10. vagabondboy said: Fantastic work capturing our beautiful state, and our amazing city!!

    Thank you! I have a great time doing it! There is lots to discover in Portland and around Oregon.

  11. Party on the Fremont - Portland, Oregon. For the annual Portland Bridge Pedal, the bridges are closed to cars so 19,000 bicycles can have their turn. This is a photo of the Fremont Bridge which is normally full of cars but today is an opportunity for selfies and celebration.


  12. boricuamami2008 said: Beautiful work!

    Thank you! I have a photo I’m posting tonight of the Bridge Pedal in Portland that I was pretty happy with.


  13. smoothcut said: Great photos Bob! Exceptional work!

    Thank you! Much appreciated.


  14. Anonymous said: Beautiful photos!

    Thank you so much!


  15. I have had a few requests from followers asking if they can use my photos as their phone screen background or desktop computer background. The answer is yes and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for asking.