1. "Director Park" - Located in downtown Portland.

  2. "St. Johns Bridge"

  3. "The Bean" - Cloud Gate sculpture at Millennium Park in Chicago.

  4. "Lefty" - As seen in the Lair Hill neighborhood of SW Portland.

  5. "Wrigley Field" - Chicago

  6. "Infinite Night Life" - As seen in Chicago.

  7. "Color My World"

  8. "The Streets of Chicago"

  9. "River Fog" - The Ross Island Bridge in Portland, Oregon.

  10. "Name This Bridge" - Suggestions were requested to name Portland’s newest bridge. A popular choice early on was "Lisa Simpson Bridge" but the committee says they want something that will be relevant in 100 years. It has been narrowed down to four options: "Duniway Bridge", "Cascadia Crossing", "Tillicum Crossing" and "Wy’East Bridge".

    Which is your favorite?
  11. "Freedom Tower"

  12. "Almost There" - This new bridge in Portland is almost complete.  This bridge is only for pedestrians, bikes, buses, streetcar and high speed rail.  No cars allowed.

  13. "The Fog" - An eerie fog creeped onto the Willamette River early in the evening. The trees in the background are on Ross Island.

  14. "Lighthouse" - This was taken near San Pedro, California. It was late November when I was down there but it was nice and warm. You can always count on California.

  15. "Winter in the Woods" - This is a shot of Ross Island after a snow storm we had in Portland.