1. Punchbowl Falls - Hood River, Oregon. The two mile hike is worth it. When you first arrive at the falls, you think you have found Oregon’s best kept secret. On a busy day you can find people jumping off the cliff into the punchbowl.

  2. Pilgrimage - This ominous sand dune in Pacific City, Oregon, is just begging to be climbed. But it is way tougher than it looks.

  3. Explorers - Pacific City, Oregon. If you climb to the top of the sand dune, north of the Pelican Pub, this is what you will see on the other side. It is worth the hike.

  4. Hung Far Low - A Portland landmark, known for their stiff drinks in the bar. This is a newer sign that replaced a neon version that had fallen into disrepair some years ago.

  5. Reggie’s Barber Shop - I have always loved this mural located on MLK on the east side of Portland. I have been meaning to photograph it for years. Today I finally made that happen.


  6. leesch said: your latest photo is my phone's wallpaper!

    Glad to hear it! Enjoy!

  7. Nighttime on the Ranch - Grass Valley, Oregon.


  8. the-sequined-genius said: Holy shit Portland is such a beautiful place and I love seeing your photography of it. Thanks for following me!

    You’re welcome and thanks for your kind words. Portland is pretty amazing and there is a lot I have yet to cover. My list of future projects is long.


  9. bemadzled said: holy crap you're work's fantastic

    Holy crap, thank you! :)

  10. Rapids - Somewhere in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

  11. Sauvie Island Bridge - Portland, Oregon.

  12. Latourell Falls - Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

  13. Transit Hub - Portland, Oregon. The red tower belongs to the tram which travels into the West Hills. You can also see the beginning of the pedestrian bridge that crosses I-5. Nearby there are streetcar, bus and high-speed rail (MAX) stops, ample bike lanes and bike parking across the street, extra wide sidewalks and a bridge that crosses the Willamette River that will handle anything but cars.


  14. briuniverse said: Ehy man! Please, let me dream about Ammmmerica over and over again! :) Love your photos. Congratulations! from Milan (Italy)

    Always happy to hear from Italy! Thank you and I’ll do my best to give you plenty to dream about!


  15. hele-lau said: Wow man, thanks for the follow :o your photography is rediculously amazing, you're truly inspiring!

    My pleasure and thanks so much. I’m going to quote you at my next show. I like the sound of “ridiculously amazing”.